A local Urban experience – Created with Passion, Love, Creativity and Experience

Established in 1997 by Trend setting Barber and Stylist Garfield Fatal, the Duell Hair Salon launches Natural vibes in the new and exciting innovation addition to it’s current Salon services. The salon is situated in Streatham Hill South London in a convenient  location within close proximity to Croydon and Brixton areas.

66976646c98Following years of extensive training and very humble beginnings Garfield Fatal Owner/Manager is a brilliant example of how a Salon /Owner with commitment, Determination and Entrepreneurial flair has thrived in the local community encouraging, mentoring and supporting Young talented Stylist with their ideas and aspirations for business. Having experienced gradual and managed success during what can only be described as a Tough economic climate, Garfield Fatal and his team of Experienced Professiaonl Locticians to many celebrities are set to launch  a selection of natural haircare styles targeting women and men who are stepping away from chemicals, artificial preservatives and sulphates and want products that are organic or 100 per cent natural. During the next 6 months several Up and coming Locticians will be visiting the Salon to showcase their braided styles and creative Locs and equsite styling. Young children, Teens and young Adults will also have the opportunity to explore Natural hairstyles and Locs with a dedicated professional Natural Hair Stylist and Loctician. 


For clients that are new to the Locs system or Natural hair care, Duell offers an intensive 1 hour free consultation where we test your hair to see how well your texture will respond to the Locs and advise on scalp condition and health hair care maintenance – whatever your choice may be at the end of your consultation. If your locs are already matured and you now want to take your styling to another creative level without ruining your existing structure and hair texture then we can perform a number of Flat twist styles with free fall pony tails  and for Mane we can shape up beard and hairline and offer a Hot towel facial massage as part of the male grooming service line.

For our professional working mums and career minded women we offer Locs that can be braided into single plaits and then swept up towards the crown with strands interlocking before being pinned into place and creating decorative headband borders by collecting bunches of twisted braids and securing flat to create looks to compliment your facial lines. Whether its creating neat lines or on trend styles or statemented styles that communicate individualism and character, the natural vibes Locticians of Duel hair salon will create your look and spiral your change with locs that add dimension. If on the other hand you simply want to maintain and experiment with your own  natural hair we can create everday, evening or special occasion looks by adding colour or crimping then boosting volumes by brushing out waves focused on creating finishing touches to graphic box bobs, wedges and modern quiffs.

Over the years Garfield Fatal has re-imaged his salon, recruited Stylists who share his vision, expanded and grown their connections with their clients and diversified with a personalised range of Hair Care and Maintenance products.

For great detailing, fabulous price points and the sheer luxury of being able to linger in the comforts and relaxed ambiance with an uptown feel then visit Duel Hair salon to compliment your Natural look and Style.